杂记 - How Modern MMOs are Changing the Game

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How Modern MMOs are Changing the Game


unending progression model raise max GR as you see fit instead of creating new levels 能准确把握玩家群体的游戏习惯和数据 有利于设计后期内容或针对性关卡设计


horrible for player to see the progression

提高GR地位导致升级流程变短 更快餐化,忽略过渡部分 冲淡对游戏细节和升级流程中的体验与关注度 让玩家在早期流程中更”功利性” ruind the meaning of progression better gun but low GR is conflicted with high GR for missions 会掩盖玩家对游戏内容的发掘

peak and valley for players


However, it also has the potential for infinite grinding on the player’s part. Without new content or things to challenge the player, they’re simply getting loot for the purpose of getting loot

极为快速的烧内容 比如: Division: simply raise mob stats for keeping users d3: torment system - gear looting for gear looting - no motivation other than get more loot for a challenge 这种永远缺失内容的状态会造成持续流失

other tips:

GR存在让loot低保成为必需(division的定期店货,diablo裂隙的低保loot) 低保都用时间作为标准用来稀释(the plan B for player)

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