笔记 - Oculus Connect 2016 Carmack talks

· q8f13

Need digging: inside-out position tracking -> MobileVR ? offset cubemap

social the most popular on platform massive scale -> HRTF?

deliver value to people is far more important than ‘real VR’

4k? -> think about shrink the angle. 180d is always better than 360d -> more stretched quality

phones play video at 59.x framerate -> some frame drop in a 60fps scene

mipmap will appear on corner / edge of 2d flat image in VR -> prefiltering the single image and don’t use mipmap can slightly solve the issue (better solution right now)

use voice as much as possible -> still cheap way to improve quality

thermo matters, which could seriously affect performance  

focus on visual not resolution voxel number etc.. -> think about artist -> make changes to the tool limits

loading / prepation time is very important for VR Apps 20sec should be the red line, and it’s still losing people simplify the scene or loading scene astc not rgba -> rgba leads to many issue defered loading

framerate prelight static scenes, not so many dynamic light related things on gear vr compressed textures vertex shader costs more vulken snapdragon profiler

UI elements not using floating text -> would cause eyes focusing issue make text comfort to read content can’t fully show in a view -> do not make it scrolling or sth like that. literally CUT IT OFF hide gazing cursor when it’s not useful -> fading, shrinking do not use ‘waiting gazing active’ method -> use tap always

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